Thursday, July 30, 2009

When I woke pt I

I realized I had a dream during the night that echoed perfectly some of the sentiments I had yesterday concerning being able to transport chocolate through space and time.

And other sweets.

Seriously. We can chat online as we land on the moon & mars, together, synchronized planet dancers. We can perform operations on each other using light sticks and magic technology wands, we are thinking of ways to blow each other up using fusion and re-fusion and splitting of fusion and and and.

Clearly, I am not a nuclear scientist, if that even exists, BUT I do know that if we can do all this, why can't we pass food through the phone, or send each other chocolate through the computer?

Well, When I woke I realized that I had, in fact, come back from a land where you can do just that. And it was a marvellous, wondrous place.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you sent me some! I am getting damn hungry over here!

    Once, this crazy old rich guy that new my grandma and was married to someone who was somehow related to me... sent me a box of chocolate cherries from New York. They were all destroyed in the mail.

    Also, the one and only time I ever met this man (when I was quite young) my grandma and I went for brunch with him and his wife. He had a slice of cheesecake and there was a bug crawling on it. It bothered me so much but I was too scared to say anything, I was also in awe of the fact that he might eat it. Which he did. Then he smiled at me. It really creeped me out.