Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Green, everywhere

Part of my 90-day sensual challenge (my very own, a not-new-years-resolution-resolution in the middle of it all, the year that is, or at least, this everyone-has-calendars-that-say-so version of the year) is to try to keep my eyes and ears open and more present than they often are, which has meant that I've found myself often looking at the tops of buildings and in places I wouldn't usually bother seeking out.

Which is how I ran into this wonderful display of a makeshift flower garden yesterday, up above a depanneur in the city. Does the person that cultivates these flowers also sell you packs of chewing gum and hostie? How comforting that in so many corners, tucked away from the world, are signs of life and the care that goes along with it. Or perhaps it is equal parts comforting and a challenge in and of itself to create spaces that hold some magic for those passing by.

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