Monday, July 20, 2009

Dante would have told you what's what.

I have always been a wee wary of what the ole' 8-ball magic and pack of tarot cards tricks can do to the psyche and the heart. Best to steer clear of the meddlesome ways of said diversions and find other ways to amuse oneself.

Yet I swear this statue, in all its marbled glory, watchful as some type of bird-like predator over Little Italy and her surroundings, I swear if he answered a question I gave him, lips opening painfully from years of shut-in stoned vigil, I would take notice, and pay attention, and likely agree.

It IS Dante after all. Oh, how he terrifies and excites simultaneously!


  1. ha ha. when I saw that there was one comment on this, I KNEW it was going to be you.:)