Monday, July 27, 2009

Art Pop 2009 Redux

Um...I don't even know what redux means, but I think I am using this term correctly.

You know when it's as if your brain had a subconscious thing going on where it learned something you didn't think it did? Like all the stuff stored up in your head about Avril Lavigne and Jem dolls that you could do without and you have no idea how the information got there...

So I am still raising funds for Art Pop, the non-for-profit Pop Montreal's visual arts segment, of which I am a volunteer. We need your help to drive the program we've curated into existence. I am pretty passionate about the artists we have lined up for this year.

Here's a pdf that gives tons of info about Art Pop 2009 for you to peruse. And here's my initial call-out for fundz.

And the photos are from one of last year's festival projects, Lop Art duo nights held in partnership with Loplop and Agence Topo. Featured artists in these photos are Tyler Rauman and Diane Obomsawin.

We had an amazing time, and you can take a look at the program for 2008 here.

To donate, just click on the paypal donate button on the top right of the screen. And as I mentioned previously, any donation $10 or over gets you a drawing mailed to your doorstep. See the initial call-out for further details on the prizes offered for you being so darn amazing.

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