Monday, July 20, 2009

This is why my hands ache...

Almost as if they have a response to wood furniture similar to my heart when it's found a subject of affection (in human or other tones) to pine after.

I can barely move my arms today, and doing so reminds one of the acute awareness that comes along at times with having a body and not just spirit. Last night I tossed a rather slumberless sleep, mixing blanket with pillow and back again, due to the pain in my left arm. I think I maybe overdid it, and overtaxed its energy reserves, certainly not the first time a Malo has forgotten the boundaries of the physical while in pursuit of more mental activities.

But it's almost done. I have almost re-finished my first piece of $10 at a flea market furniture. And, judging from how I am feeling today, it might as well be the last. Regardless, I am sure the amount of care and affection I give it in the coming days will make up for my current pains.

And how beautiful wood is with its lines leading up and down into different curves of the story of the tree it did come from. Truly amazing. I can't believe people dare to paint overtop of it to begin with, and stifle its sounds.


  1. It's quite nice actually, but it does look like a great deal of work!

  2. Yeah, and this was before I added the stain and sanded it for what felt like 3 hours.

    Oh man. If only I had been born "Kit Zedhead"