Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pratt for strength

A friend and I were recently discussing whether art offers a service to others or not - specifically visual art, that is. For her, music has an inherent value that she takes for granted. Art, on the other hand, is something she hasn't been able to connect to nor see the necessity of in the same way.

I find it interesting that this seems to be true for many people I talk to. While I don't deny them their experience, it's so counter intuitive for me to imagine that art is anything but an extremely healing and consuming experience. What it offers to me is something so deep and meaningful. When it speaks to me, of course.

On that note, a painting by an artist who has done me a huge service through her body of work - Mary Pratt. For spring and light and calm and time alone.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Moon city transforms into moon plain

My walk home is against the backdrop of a clear sky with stars that lay across the moon like pearls. The air is cold, biting almost, and smacks me awake at this late hour.

It is now, with this moon and clear starry sky that I want to be in the country, trudging home to my cabin and fire. Amidst howl and rock and glint and steam.

So often I love the city and its diverse sentiments/sensations. So often I long for thee, wide plain'd landscape that beckons in the chill, crisp midnight air.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

5 things

The jasmine tree is blooming subtly. There is coffee to drink and the weather outside beckons me into its warm, comforting winds. Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou is playing the piano often of late, and Arthur Russell sings me to sleep. Candlelight always makes everything look so beautiful.

A billion and one reminders that need to play as little songs throughout my day reminding me of just how blessed I am.

Someone very dear to me once said to make sure to write down 5 wondrous things that happened at the end of each day, no matter how miserable and frustrated I might feel at the time. I have often been surprised since following his advice that the days where I have sensed the greatest unbalance have usually been the ones most ripe with offerings of joy.