Saturday, May 9, 2009

Worst Sleep Ever in the Best Bed I have thusfar laid in....

What kind of odd, insomniac-friendly logic is this?

I'd rather have had the best sleep ever in the worst bed ever made....

In part this terrible slumber was due to a cat who, surprised to see me, insisted on staring at my "sleeping" self the whole night through. When I closed the door in the room I am in to avoid its piercing gazes, I thought to myself, "I bet it will be one of those cats who can turn knobs, etc"...

Sure enough, within about 5 minutes, it had opened the door on its ownsome and was back in. Sortof awesome, in that oh-man-leave-me-alone-crazy-cat kindof a way. I totally called it.

My heart goes out to all the people with regular sleeping problems in the world. That''s never been me, usually I sleep poorly when there's a symphony orchestra next door (yeah I wish) or a CAT CLAWING ON THE DOOR (it's doing it RIGHT now....scary...)
but for the most part, regardless of what might be going on in my life, I am physically able to konk out for as long and deeply as I'd like.

I can't imagine not having this gift, but tons of folks I know (and so many more, obviously) have problems with the shut-eye. Oh, that I could go around and give them little puffs of the stuff that keeps me snoring in dream-land!

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