Saturday, May 16, 2009

After Calling Bingo, It's Time to Party

I called Bingo for Puces Pop the other night, and had a pretty darn good time doing so. Which scares me just a tad (instilling fear equivalent to the amount of vanilla you put in most sugary recipes) as I was on stage, alone, for over 3 hours. People kept asking me if I was tired. I kept wondering what they were talking about. I mean, I had one pulled pork sandwich (homemade) to snack on, all the gin and tonic I wanted and a microphone. I could have gone all night.

The only photos of the evening I snapped were at the end, when a creepy Julien and somewhat grouchy/hot Rory and Amy quasi posed for me after the pinata came down. Dancing followed soon after, meaning the three of them swayed a little to some Michael Jackson before we all headed onwards and outwards.

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