Monday, May 4, 2009

And Heavy Breathing for the Late, Late afternoon...

Ok, so I was just in the elevator with a heavy breather, and I am not in a building where a porn studio holds auditions. What's up with the heavy-breathers of the world? I mean, most definitely some are likely that way due to numerous things that if I was made aware of, I would be considered an a**hole for even writing about this, but there are most certainly those folk who for no reason in particular BREATH HEAVY all the time.

The guy was just on his phone, talking about some bank deal or some such business, breathing away. Are you a woodwind player practicing your phrasing in unconventional ways? Do you know about some "heavy breather karmic discount" that I am currently unaware of?

Silence is golden, my friend. I think there should be a room for folks to go to that is so quiet that they notice the sounds they make in situations like these. Perhaps this would help him become a more....delicate.....soul.

Not that anyone could ever accuse me of being, well, delicate...

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