Friday, May 15, 2009

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

It is there, up ahead, and you can't wait to get to it but such feelings of urgency are in part because it is in the distance. It is the opposite of what you are experiencing now. It is the direct antithesis of current frustrations or aches, pains or problems.

Funny that, though, as nothing is really the antithesis of anything else. Objects, emotions, feelings and cats all move in relation to one another, leaving slimy trails of subjectivity in their wake, making it impossible to call one thing a direct oppositional force to something else, really.

Still, there it is nonetheless, in all of its glorious, terrible beauty. The end of something, a new beginning and an arrival. The light might be blinding and might feel awkward, will feel awkward, feels awkward. Yet as you adjust to it, the potentials and portrayals of shadow and subject within its path, you feel its surge of possibility and motion and passion that it's offering to your life. Or mine, really.

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