Monday, August 3, 2009

Chaos is the new black.

So I was trying to unwind the computer plug from some-other-plug-me-into-something this morning, and as usual, even though I had unwound it very recently, (the night before or some-such), it was in a tangled, tangled mess.

Why do these things always find a way of restoring disorder into their very fibres, and so quickly at that? I have, for years, felt that the way of the chord and plug and computer bug are all signs of an inherent desire things have to head towards chaos or decay. I am sure there are a billion theories more scientific than mine to explain and prove this feeble grasp my mind has on such tendencies, but no matter. Point being, we are not made, nor do we make, things that stay in place and continue in immortal, untouched fashions. We create objects and notions that reflect our very essence of breaking in and breaking down over time bone hair movement thought.

I have always found this fascinating and have sometimes asked why. It occurred to me today as I was unwinding the wind mentioned above that perhaps one of the reasons for this is to allow yourself the space to have lower expectations and more patience. If everything always worked and ran smoothly, we'd never consider snags-in-the-plan or have to problem solve, or slow down. Even the act of consciously taking the knots out of the chords of our little machines can be cumbersome and infuriating if we want to start our day now, that is, the part that concerns that little machine anyhow. Chaos lets us breathe for a moment and remember as we do get ready for the things running on electricity to run that we're already having a day, anyhow.

And what reassurance in that, friends. So I swear I am going to thank the next machine or thing that equals snag-in-my-day. Preferably a vending machine that breaks and gives me unlimited chocolate bars, but I am willing to compromise.

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