Sunday, June 21, 2009

All Things Grow (in their own time)

This little guy is a chinese grapefruit, who my good friend Yen gave to me about 2.5 years ago as a seed. It took about 3 months to germinate and sprout, has almost died twice, and I even left it behind when I moved apartments last. At the time, I thought it was truly on its way out and said situation made me sad enough that I wanted to avoid dealing with it altogether.

Lo and behold, however, when I went back to my old apartment (about a year and a bit ago) to pick up my last pits and baubles that I don't really need, it had sprouted some more and appeared to be alive and kicking even without my attention. That's when I decided I wasn't going to give up on it and so I brought it with me. And NOW, after all this time and many moons of staying the same size with no sign of wishing to expand, it's taken to summer and growth like a kid does as the birthdays pass. Pretty remarkable.

And within that notion, a thousand metaphors about life and its paths and current positionings....

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